Premium vs Standard Venues?

SportUP Competitions are run at some of the best venues Brisbane has to offer! Our mission is to help our community play premium social competition by providing the best venues possible.

How do I know what venue category my competition is?

We currently have two venue categories: Premium and Standard.

Venues classified as premium are so because of location, demand, rental cost, and more. Premium venues are a bit more pricey than standard venues but are worth it!

Which type of venue is my Basketball competition?

Premium - West End Indoor, South Bank Indoor & Kedron
Standard - Ashgrove, CBD (Loretto Hall) 

Which type of venue is my Netball competition?

Premium - Mercy Indoor (CBD)
Standard - CBD Multipurpose, South Bank, Bardon, Mitchelton & Windsor 

Which type of venue is my Football competition?

Premium - Yeronga & Toowong

Which type of venue is my Volleyball competition?

Premium - Brisbane CBD & South Bank Indoor

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