Is SportUP LGBTQI+ Friendly?

SportUP stands together with, and in support of, all members of our LGBTQIA+ community as we strive to ensure that there is a place in our competitions for everyone everywhere, regardless of gender identity.

It is essential to our company values that those in the LGBTQIA+ community live full and open lives, where their rights are fully protected and access to services guaranteed.  

SportUP welcomes and celebrates diversity and inclusion in our community. 

What are our community guidelines?

We have a 0 tolerance policy on any form of discrimination. Those that are not respectful of these community standards will be removed immediately from our competitions. 

For the purposes of our social competitions, gender is a self-selected preference, and you will be supported by our staff to ensure that you play wherever you feel best represented. 

Should you require any confirmation on specific rules or any questions regarding any of the above, please email for further assistance.

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