What if my team Forfeits or No-Shows?

We pride ourselves on having very few forfeits or no-shows!

To make this possible, we have to sometimes hold you guys accountable when you don't give us enough notice to let your opposition know that you're not coming.

When must a forfeit be communicated by?

Forfeits MUST be communicated via email at team@sportup.com.au or text us at 0425908308 BEFORE 1pm on the day of your game.

What if I don't communicate before 1pm?

There's a $99 forfeit or no-show fee that we will invoice you via Stripe (sent to your email address) that must be paid before your next game to stay active in the fixtures.

What options could I do to not receive a forfeit fee?

 You can avoid having to pay this fee if you follow the steps below:

  1. Join our Facebook Subs Group & Request Fill-Ins.
  2. AND at least 1 player from your team must show up to play alongside the subs/family or friends.

Round up some fill-in players amongst your friends & family and get them down to your game so you've got enough for tip-off/kick-off!

Do I get a refund on a forfeited game?

SportUP will not be responsible for refunding any missed or forfeited games, but we will do our best to make sure you have an opportunity to play as scheduled where possible (even if it's a friendly game, not counted towards ladder standings).

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