What is a BYE?

bye in sports competitions refers to organisers scheduling a team not to participate in a given round of competition.

How do I know my team has a BYE?
If you see in the fixtures that your team is versing "BYE" this means that your team has no game this round of fixtures in the competition.

Why do we have Byes?
Byes are a normal and common practice in all sporting competitions and happen when there are an uneven number of teams entered into a round-robin draw. 

How are byes scheduled?
Byes are automatically computer-generated at the beginning of each season and awarded as equally and fairly amongst the teams as mathematically possible. 

What can I do if I'd like to play that week?
If you’re keen to play on a night your team is scheduled on a bye, you can always join our Facebook Subs Page and pick up games as a fill-in for other teams looking for subs that evening!

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