1. Choose the sport and night you want to play here? 
  2. Complete the online booking form to enter as an individual player, with a friend or as a full team.
  3. You will get emailed your first game time!

Pay up front or in monthly instalments to reserve a spot. We will place you on a team with other individual players just like yourself.

Play with a friend?
On the booking form you can sign up with a friend. select 2 players and fill in their details.
If you don’t know all their details or don't want to pay for them, they can sign up as an individual and add your name to the friends box. This guarantees that you will be on the same team together.

The team captain enters the team enquiry form.
If we still have spots left for that competition, you will get automatically redirected to the team booking page.
Complete the form to guarantee your team a spot in the competition.