Aussies are famous around the world for their love of sport and socialising.

But once you graduate, life can lose a bit of the fun factor as we work longer hours and start adulting.

Team sports are no longer organised for you, post game drinks gradually fade away, friends drift apart and you consider Instagram a worthy replacement for face-to-face interaction.

Brisbane is the best city to live in but it can be hard to make friends as an adult and like any city it can get lonely.

The danger is you wake up one morning, middle aged, a bit pudgey driving a Prius to work…

Whats the answer? Answer = HAPPINESS

It sounds simple enough but not enough people are making the most of it..

Think about when you laugh the most.. Is it on your phone checking Facebook? Sitting at home watching TV?.. Now how about when you’re out with your friends?

The time has come to smile, sweat, run, chat, win and play TOGETHER with friends on the boring weeknights.

There are so many great things to do in Brisbane, its crazy to miss out just because you don’t know anyone.

Our mission at SportUP is to help young professionals make the most of their work weeks by building a community of like minded people. Using sport to create a real life social network for people.

In other words we want players to return to office tomorrow, having had a break from work, a smile on their face, a story to tell and something to look forward to next week.

So for an hour turn Netflix off, stop swiping on Tinder and SportUP your week!