If you have booked as an individual, we realise it can be scary and we want you to love your first game with your new teammates.

If for any reason you don't enjoy your first game, let us know within 24hrs by calling 0425908308.

Please note this Happiness Guarantee is only valid once you play your first game.

We cannot give any refunds out before your first game as your booking guarantees you a spot.

This guarantee lets us create the best team numbers for you by providing the most reliable players.

Players that book after you may have to go on the waiting list.

For teams please note that all team payments including the $200 deposit is non refundable.

This allows us to have the most reliable teams and the least number of forfeits.

However we have a large subs group for team captains and we can help finding players so call us on 0425908308 if you ever need help organising your team.